How to Create a Business Page and Store

Introducing the Stores Capability & the Barter System

Terms and Conditions of Store

Please indicate below your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions to maintain a Business Page and Store on website.  The Entrepeneur Arena reserves the right to delete stores where Owner/Operators have not agreed to these Terms and Conditions of Store Ownership, or are in breach of these:

1. That at least one of the Owner/Operators of this Business is a Member of The Entrepreneur Arena Community.

2. That the products/services sold are NOT part of a Multi Level Marketing business, or pornographic, or guns and ammunition.

3. That the Store Owner or Representative of the Store will engage in discussions regarding reasonable solutions to refund requests and/or disputes re purchases made by Members through this store.  Should parties not be able to reach agreement via direct communication, The Entrepreneur Arena will act as Arbitrator of disputes in an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process.    Store Owners agree to enter into this process in good will.

4. That the Store/Business Owner is responsible for understanding the legal accounting requirements for trading in the Community Credits as a currency in the country that their business is registered in.  It is NOT the responsibility of The Entrepeneur Arena to provide accurate advice on this.  It is the responsibility of the Store/Business Owner to access the data available on this site for use in accounting.

5.  That goods and services in the Store on this site are offered at the same rate as off the site, and of the same quality.  That prices in Community Credits are not inflated, but match 100 Credits:  $1, the price of goods and services marketed by the business elsewhere.   The Business agrees to engage in providing evidence of like cost of goods and services, on request by The Entrepreneur Arena.

6. The Arena reserves the right to change transaction fees, based on changes to PayPal transaction fees, and costs of managing stores.  Notice will be provided to Store owners should this occur.

7. That Customer data (names, emails etc) acquired via the sales process will not be onsold to a third party.

Completing this Form indicates Agreement to the Above

Please provide the URL for a website or websites that offer the same products or services that you are listing in your store.


As at May 2019, fees for transactions are:

2% of every sale will go to The Arena and standard fees will also apply to a PayPal transactions.  A total of 5.4% and 60c fixed fee will come out of every transaction. 

How to Create a Business Page, Store, Product and Offer?

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