The Affiliate Program

Help people discover their talents and gifts for business and get a 'heads up' on where things could go wrong


We would rather pay you than Google and FaceBook

If you love our eLearning and you would like to spread the word, then sign up for our Affiliate Program and we will say thanks with a commission on the sale price.

You don't have to have a big database or following to participate.  Everyone is welcome.

We use Infusionsoft Referral Partner software to manage the program that will allow you to log-in to a dashboard and:

  • Access a unique link to share on social media or via emails
  • Track everyone that comes through your link for 6 months
  • Email you each time a sale happens
  • Provide 100% transparency on your earnings and payments

We offer 20% commission on the eLearning sale price and 10% commission on higher ticket items, such as the individual or co-founder debriefs, or coaching services.  

You can, click the messenger icon (bottom right) to have a chat, or click through below to sign-up for the automated system.