Entrepreneur Inner Game Coaching

Success has left a trail of breadcrumbs...
all you need to do now is follow it. 

For the first time, people in start-up and established businesses can benefit from breakthrough research into Entrepreneurship. Conducted at a post-graduate university level, this research has taken the mystery out of how wildly successful entrepreneurs think, make decisions and are motivated differently to the rest of the population. Not only that, it has identified the differences between those who are successful and those who were bankrupted by their business start-up experience.
When you do our Entrepreneur Inner Game Masterclass, or have an Individual Debrief of your Entrepreneur Profile, you will discover exactly how your own Thinking, Attitudes and Motivational Patterns compare to Entrepreneurs who built businesses from scratch and sold them for between $6 Million and $1.2 Billion in 5 years or less. Both your Entrepreneurial Talents AND Weaknesses will be revealed.
If you have been in business for yourself for some time,  everything about what has been hard will suddenly make sense and you will wish you had known this earlier. Still, it is not too late to make it easier from now on!
If you are just starting out in business, and you don't want to learn from trial and error with your time and money, this will be the best investment in your own development you can possibly make. 
The Entrepreneur Profile will NOT tell you that you do not have what it takes, but it will show you where you will need to lift your 'inner game' in the form of key blindspots, or weaknesses, to more closely match how successful Entrepreneurs think.

Once you have your Profile, you can work to change your ways of thinking, perceptual filters, and attitudes and motivational patterns that you are not serving you. The good news is, they are NOT based in a fundamental personality profile -  they develop through experience and repetition and they can be changed much, much faster than people expect.  This means that you will NOT need to enter into a lifetime of will power in which you 'try' to think differently. With Coaching from our highly qualified and skilled Coaches we can support you to create changes that will accelerate the development of your entrepreneurial talents.  

We specialise in supporting business owners and Entrepreneurs to both understand AND create change in their Inner Game.

If you have not yet received your Profile, you can choose to receive your profile via a two hour individual debrief, or a self-paced online course.

An individual Debrief of your profile

If you have not already received your profile and you would like to do so quickly, and in a one on one process,



AU incl GST

  • 1 x 2 hr Individual Debrief Online to deliver your Profile Report with full explanationClarity about the key areas to focus for development/change 

You have already received your Entrepreneur Profile and you are ready to create the change. Book in your Coaching Journey now to receive our introductory price.



AU incl GST

  • 5 x 60 min Coaching Sessions with a Qualified Coach skilled in creating change in the attributes that this Profile measures
  • Clarity about the key areas to focus for development/change translated into an Individual Coaching Plan