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FREE Bronze Membership

FREE 6 Month Bronze Membership

as part of the

Covid19 Small Business Help Package

Sart or Join-in the Shop Local Online Campaign for your Area,

or just come online to connect with other Small Business Owners going through the same crazy experience right now


This membership is an opportunity for you to take action to connect. Connect with people locally who want to support you with online sales.  Connect with others in small business who are navigating a crazy time.

Connect and support each other, because we are in this together.

The Arena’s mission is to support small business owners to connect and support each other.  Never has there been a time when this is more important.  As well as supporting each other, we all live in communities that want to help us survive the sudden stop in consumer spending. People want to purchase from local businesses to help them re-open on the other side of ‘social distancing’ periods.

Our first priority is to help every small business to create an online store for free, and make it easy for people in their local community to find them, and support them.

With our free membership you can create a store, get listed in a business directory by region/location, within your store, categorise the products and services you can deliver even during your local ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ conditions.

All you need to get started is a Paypal Account.

This is exactly what you can expect from the Free 6-month membership:

  • Sign-up and create a Profile Username for yourself personally that is not linked to your business name (for total confidentiality to discuss all the challenges of business without reflecting on your brand).
  • Automatically receive a Business Directory Listing, where people world-wide can find your store by location, and product category.  The store will be public-facing, so anyone will find it, including people in your local area who are searching for small businesses locally to support.  People will be able to find you when they search for products that are in the ‘contactless delivery’ category for their local businesses.
  • Come onto the Forums and share knowledge and information to help others, as well as benefit from this yourself.  No one understands what you are going through right now better than other small business owners.  Now is a time to support each other.

You only pay fees when you make a sale.  Perfect for cashflow.

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Or just choose 'Bronze Membership' as the Profile Type on sign-up




Discover your Talents and Blind-spots as an Entrepreneur

All paid members receive access to their own Entrepreneur Profile. The profile is a one of a kind opportunity to discover your Talents and Blind-spots in business, based on scientific research with incredibly successful Entrepreneurs. All you need to do is join up for one month, take the survey, and enjoy our e-learning explaining your results.

Unlike a personality profile, you will not be told ‘what style of Entrepreneur you are’, given a colour, or boxed in. Instead, you will discover exactly how closely your thinking and attitude patterns match:

• Entrepreneurs who built their business from scratch and sold for between $6 Million and $1.3 Billion; and
• People who were bankrupted by their business building experience

You can take our e-learning at your own pace, including in the first 30 days of membership. So, it is possible to discover your Profile at the base membership rate of just $37 (no ongoing commitment required).

Learn more about the Entrepreneur Profile for Members:

Entrepreneur Coaching

The Entrepreneur Profile can identify exactly how patterns of thinking, attitudes and motivations contribute to your challenges in business. This is not a personality profile, so when you are ready to develop and change this, our skilled Coaches are available to help you create success from the inside-out. Read More...

The Entrepreneur Inner Game

We will identify precisely how your patterns of thinking and motivation are supporting your success, or setting you up to fail in business. Based on 10 years of research, and used by seed funders to measure and develop Entrepreneurial talent. You can access this invaluable self-knowledge via a stand-alone report, our interactive masterclass, or an individual debrief. Read More...

Helping Co-Founders Succeed

We offer Pair debriefings of the Entrepreneur Profile to identify the combined strengths and potential points of weakness and tension in partnerships. We also offer services to create Partnership Agreements, mediate Conflict and mend relationships through coaching. Read More...

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