We're Giving the first 500 Silver Members
$500 Worth of Community Credits
to get the Barter Party Started

All the fine print about this...

For the first 500 people who join us as a Silver Member, we set-up an online meeting with you to help you to do the technical work to meet these conditions, so, if this sounds technically tricky, don't worry, we will be there to help you one-on-one

We will give you $500 worth of credits if you are a paying member and you:

1. Place at least one item on your store as available for credits.  Item must not be something that is normally used as a ‘lead capture item’ (e.g. a free ebook or learning).  That is, it must be something that you normally sell as part of your core business.

2. Sign up as an Affiliate with the Community and spread the word to other Small Business Owners via your email, or connections on social media.  Not only will you support us to grow, but you will also earn 20% of every single one of those people's membership fees forever.  We will even give you 10% of the next level (their contacts) forever. 

Pretty quickly you will be earning more than you pay us for your own membership.  AND, you will be earning it in real $, NOT Community Credits.

Ready to sign up?  Click the button below and choose 'Silver' under 'Profile Type'.