What you need to know about selling from the stores

  • You will need a Paypal Account to receive funds.  Paypal will be doing quite well from every sale, and we will be receiving 4% to help with the costs of the Arena Community.  In total, expect to pay 9.8% on every sale in fees.
  • We will be getting the word out, but for people in your local area to find you and support you, you will need to actively tell them about your store, and ideally, let other business owners in your area know about it. For this to really work, multiple businesses in your area need to be on the directory, so people return to it, again and again, to help as many businesses as possible when they are ready to buy. 
  • If right now the idea of setting up an online store is outside of your skillset and capacity, we understand.  We are offering an on-demand service to do it for you, for $20 AU.  You can purchase this inside of the Community.  If you are technically literate, we provide help videos and materials to do it yourself.
  • If you are in the Event business, you can also create a ticketed event and share this on social media.  Expect 10% of the ticket price to go to fees.  Events can be searchable by location, by in-person vs online, or topic.  Free events are also welcome and we encourage members to create online networking events, such as meet-ups online with other small businesses in your industry or region.

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