EIG Program LogoWelcome to Entrepreneur Inner Game Self Paced Course!

This awesome course is available to all paid members (anyone who is not on a free trial of membership). To take this course you need to first have taken a survey, and then have received your Entrepreneur Profile as a PDF attached to an email from us.   If you would like to look for that email, the subject line is: 'Your Entrepreneur Profile Results are In!'

In the first lesson, there is an introduction to the Research and the logistics of the course.  Beneath Lesson 1 are links to all the downloads you will need for the entire program.

You can navigate back and forth between lessons and use this menu to find a lesson again later, to review.

We send emails with links to the lessons to help you make it through the program in 30 days.  So if you wish, you can use these emails to pace taking the lessons one at a time.

We very much hope that you enjoy the program and we look forward to talking to you about it on the Forums.

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Lesson Menu

Lesson 1 - The Research & Getting Started

Lesson 2 - Action Level (Initiation and Reflection & Patience)

Lesson 3 - Task Attitude (Alternatives and Procedures)

Lesson 4 - Your Interest Filters

Lesson 5 - Work Approach (Use, Concept, Structure)

Lesson 6 - Change (Sameness, Evolution, Difference)

Lesson 7 - Convincer Inputs and Process

Lesson 8 - Scope (Depth and Breadth)

Lesson 9 - Motivations (Power, Achievement, Affiliation)

Lesson 10 - Frame of Reference (Internal and External Reference)

Lesson 11 - Task Responsibility (Sole or Shared Responsibility)

Lesson 12 - Communication (Neutral and Affective)

Lesson 13 - Relationship to Rules (Compliance, Tolerance, Indifference, Assertive)

Lesson 14 - Time Orientation (Past, Present, Future)

Lesson 15 - Work Environment (Group or Solo Environment)

Lesson 16 - Action Direction (Goal Orientation and Problem Solving)

Lesson 17 - What Next?