Lesson 1:  The Research and Getting Started

Firstly, please Download the Program Framework from this link:

The Program Framework

The downloads below have now been integrated with your Individual Results to make it easier to find everything in one place ongoingly.  This is emailed to you directly if you have not received this and are on the program, please contact us.  

These old versions are if you want individual printouts without your results

The Workbook (old version)

The MAP to Success for Start-up Business (first 5 yrs) (old version)

The MAP to Success for Medium to Longterm Business (7 yrs +) (old version)

The e-learning is a combination of self-playing videos and interactive slides (where you can click a button, type into the screen etc). 

If the video comes to an end and does not move on, click the 'next' button to continue.  To move through the videos faster, use the progress bar below and not the 'next' button.


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