How To Create a Group

Video Tutorial 

Important Information about Privacy Settings

There are three key settings when it comes to your groups visibility and members access to see your group details in full or just the brief outline. 

1. Full Access- Group that Anyone can See and Join 

All members can see everything in the group before they sign up to join the group as in this example:

The settings for this type of group are :

2. Closed Group - Non-Members can see that Group Exists, but not see Discussion

Members can see the overview of the group but have to join the group to see all the discussions, events and information, as in this example:

The settings for this type of group are:

3.  Private/Closed Group - Members have to be Invited by Admin

Details of the group are private and members need to be invited by the admin of the group to be able to see the content inside the group.  This type of group is good if you are running online courses and only the course participants get access to the group. Here is an example   

And this is how this type of group is setup:

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