Online Mastermind Groups: 
Connect & Collaborate with Other Business Owners
 through the Covid19 Slow Down

As small business owners we are all facing never before seen economic conditions as social distancing and ‘lock-downs’ disrupt events and in-person consumption.  For many of us, the basis of our business model has been ripped out and tough decisions are being made at speed, on the basis of information that is changing on a daily or weekly basis.

What we need right now is help to think clearly about how we can adapt our business.  In a Mastermind Group of small business owners you can access knowledge sharing, advice and powerful questions from people with real business experience who are committed to supporting you over a period of time.  People who understand exactly what you are going through because they are experiencing it too.

All you need to do is be prepared to return the favour.  We are ALL trying to do our best thinking under extreme pressure and we can all both use support during this time. 

The Mastermind groups will take a very specific form:

  • There will be a maximum of 6 members per group
  • Groups will commit for 3 months at a time
  • People will be matched by geographic region, then business model and size, with separation of competitors 
  • Each group will have a Facilitator and will use a specialised app to make the online meetings structured and communication between meetings easy
  • In the first 3 months, groups will meet for 2 hours, fortnightly

 All members agree to some basic rules of engagement:

  • Confidentiality
  • Equal support for each member (in a hot seat format)
  • Commitment to attend
  • Taking individual accountability for the decisions you make

What does it cost?

Only $100 per 2-hour meeting:  paid upfront for 3 months as $600

Your membership time period starts from your first meeting, after the matching process.

During this time you will also receive the full benefits of Arena Membership, including an online store in our ‘Shop Local’ directory structure designed to help local people in your community find you and spend money with you online.  Discover what we are doing with business to business barter, and our offer of $500 AU worth of Community Credits to help you to get started with barter (no debt required).  Click here to learn more about the benefits of full membership (at no additional cost).

Once a Group starts, it is closed to new members, unfortunately, there is no refund if you withdraw due to changing your mind, as we need to maintain a steady group membership for everyone's sake.  At the end of the 3-months, each member can review if she/he would like to continue.

If you are already a member and would like to join in a Mastermind Group, go to Upgrade (home, then left-hand side of newsfeed).

If you are not already a member click here and choose the 'Gold Member' option under 'Profile Type'