The Entrepreneur Inner Game Coaching Journey

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Once you have your Profile, you can work to change your ways of thinking, perceptual filters, and attitudes and motivational patterns that you are not serving you. The good news is, they are NOT based in a fundamental personality profile -  they develop by experience and repetition and they can be changed much, much faster than people expect.  This means that you will NOT need to enter into a lifetime of will power in which you 'try' to think differently. With Coaching from our highly qualified and skilled Coaches we can support you to create changes that will accelerate your development of Entrepreneurial Talent.  

We specialise in supporting business owners and Entrepreneurs to both understand AND create change in their Inner Game.

This Journey is for people who have received their Entrepreneur Profile via either an Individual Debrief, or the online Masterclass and wish to go on a development journey to make changes to the blindspots identified.

This is a 5 x 1 hour Coaching Session Journey with a qualified Coach, who is also trained in creating change in the Attitudes and Motivational Patterns that the Profile measures.


Posted May 8, 2019