Co-Founder Entrepreneur Profile Debrief

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Whether you are only just coming together now to create a business, or you have been working together for some time, the Co-Founder and Business Partner Debrief will identify the unique talents, or shared blindspots for success in business.

We will work with you initially by providing an individual Entrepreneur Profile, and debrief, then bringing you together in a Co-Founder Debrief, to identify:

- Differences that represents strengths for your partnership or team

- Shared gaps that represent blindspots to be aware of and work to change

We explore all the differences in your 48 patterns of thinking, attitude and motivations, not just those relevant to business success. By understanding key differences, you can leverage from these for creative thinking in your partnership. Often, without understanding differences in thinking and motivational patterns these things can be the cause of tension and conflict. With an understanding of the differences, you can openly discuss their impact and keep the communication flowing and your business partnership healthy.

If you are likely to seek funding from investors, you will also be able to use the Report that we provide to show potential investors just how closely your combined talents match the profile of successful Entrepreneurs.

The product in this store assumes that you have already received your Profile via the Masterclass or Individual debriefs.  It is essentially ONLY the debrief online with an accredited Coach.