What people have said about The Entrepreneur Inner Game

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So there’s stuff in your life you know that you know and there’s the stuff in your life you know that you don’t know, what the course opened up for me was the realisation of the stuff I didn’t know that I didn’t know about myself. I really got the the root of what slows me down and I have to say my procrastination has been sidelined !! Great course, great value and well recommended.

Sean D

I have completed many personal and professional development courses over the years and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working with the coaches, Grace and Maria on the Entrepreneur Inner Game. Their wealth of knowledge, the content and its delivery was second to none.

The clarity that I have received and knowing why I do the things that I do and how that impacts my business, has certainly been an eye opener and is worth more than money can buy, so thank you.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a business or indeed anyone currently in business who is wanting to gain some insights into potential blocks that may be holding you back.

Armed with this new knowledge, my "Entrepreneur Inner Game" is fired up and ready to take on the business world!

Krishna S

This information is really valuable, I discovered that sometimes we get caught up in things that aren't necessarily important when it comes to business. When I realised what was holding me back I've been able to make massive changes to the way I work and take more action.

Shae C

The most significant thing I have learnt in the course are the positive attributes (in business building) I have to contribute to an existing/new business and how I can improve the negatives (which you will not have realized until you've done the course).. whether it be through a business partner to compliment my positives or to improve the negatives myself. It is well worth doing this masterclass before you take off on a new venture... then you can get the maximum enjoyment and financial benefits from your business in the beginning. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone starting out who just can't get their feet off the ground, and also for current business owners who want to expand. It will give you all the insight on how to make this happen!

Sally W

What I got out of the Entrepreneur Master Class was a deeper understanding of how I operate and who I need to surround myself with in business (staff/partners) and what I require to help make it grow - recognising my strengths and using them and not feeling inadequate not knowing every aspect.


When I joined the program, I was hoping for/expecting to find out what may be hindering my ability to move forward in my business. I know Grace delivers great content and this course came with a bonus - Maria, who was also a wealth of knowledge!

At the end of the program, I have gained knowledge about what strengths I have that those successful entrepreneurs and business owners also have. And having the resources at the end of the program has meant I can log in and refresh my training
, write more notes and compare against other business people. Well worth the investment and not to mention the connections made with other practitioners/business owners.

I've done more in my business in the last 2 months than I have in the last 12 months combined. I've realised there are certain resources that I need to ask of others, and some things that I am amazing at when working for someone else; is actually something that holds me back in my business.