The Entrepreneur Inner Game Coaching Journey


The Entrepreneur Inner Game Coaching Journey


This Journey is for people who have received their Entrepreneur Profile via either an Individual Debrief, or the online Masterclass and wish to go on a development journey to make changes to the blindspots identified.

This is a 5 x 1 hour Coaching Session Journey with a qualified Coach, who is also trained in creating change in the Attitudes and Motivational Patterns that the Profile measures.





You can expect this Coaching Journey to be:

  • Outcome focused
  • Specific to your results
  • Change the beliefs and values that are not serving you
  • Challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and learn in action
  • Hold you accountable for the promises that you make to yourself

Coaching is an emergent process, and we cannot guarantee a specific volume of patterns are changed, however you will be in charge of which patterns you wish to change as a priority.

We look forward to working with you on this next step in your Entrepreneurial Journey.