Your Entrepreneur Profile Individual Debrief

Your Entrepreneur Profile Individual Debrief


Receive your Entrepreneur Profile and Debrief Live Online over 2 hours

See How You Compare to Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs AND People who successful built profitable businesses over 10 years.

​You will start by taking a survey and in your two hour debrief with a Coach you will:

  • Discover Your Entrepreneurial Strengths – attributes that you can be grateful for because they correlate with success; and
  • Surface Your Entrepreneurial Blindspots – areas to be aware of because the result correlated with business failure (bankruptcy)
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You will receive your Profile in two forms:

  1. Online, on a platform that you can log into from any device, with a detailed description and animations to help you reference it in the future
  2. As a PDF summarising the results against the critical patterns only, to help you focus your attention on what counts the most.


We will also explore if any of your results come together into one of the ‘traps’ for business owners:

  • Discounting – failing to see progress, improvement, or something close to an outcome
  • Back and White Thinking – thinking in extremes
  • Perfectionism – when anything less than ideal is considered failure
  • Commitment Issues – sitting on the fence not able to make a decision
  • Low Follow Through – not following through on agreements and decisions made