The Entrepreneur Inner Game

Do you wish you could predict your success in business?
We can!

The Entrepreneur Profile can  show you exactly what your Entrepreneurial Talents are and exactly what patterns of thinking are setting you up for failure

We now know the range of thinking styles, attitudes and motivations of wildly successful entrepreneurs.  

And when we say 'wildly successful', we mean people who went from start-up to sale of a business for between $6M and $1.2B in 5 years or less.  That is a pretty high level criteria for success.  

And when we say 'patterns of thinking that are setting you up for failure', we know this based on the patterns of people who were bankrupted by their business experience.  

Would you like to know how your own thinking, attitudes and motivations compare to these two groups?

Discover Your
Entrepreneur Profile

We will identify precisely how your patterns of thinking and motivation are supporting your success, or setting you up to fail in business. Based on 10 years of research, this profiling instrument is beyond any other on the market for measuring and developing Entrepreneurial talent.  You can choose to learn online in our self paced program, or over 8 weeks in a group Masterclass, or to have an individual debrief.

Helping Co-Founders
to Succeed

We offer Pair debriefings of the Entrepreneur Profile to identify the combined strengths and potential points of weakness and tension in partnerships.  

We also offer services to create Partnership Agreements, mediate Conflict and improve relationships through coaching.

Entrepreneur Inner Game

The Entrepreneur Profile can  identify exactly how the arena of your own patterns of thinking, attitudes and motivations contribute to your challenges in business.

When you are ready to change that, our Coaches are available to help you create success from the inside-out.

The February 2020 Masterclass is now closed 
Our next Masterclass starts on 6th May 2020 registrations close 1st May 2020.

The Entrepreneur Arena Community is about to Launch....

Would you like to be part of a Community of people who create change, strive to reach their full potential and want to connect and collaborate with others on the Entrepreneurial Journey? 

Are you a Business Owner or in Start-up?

Would you like to connect with others in business and benefit from...

  • Authentic discussion, where you can be yourself without representing your business - this is not a social media platform for promotion, so you can create a username seperate to your Business and take a break from representing your business. 
  • A place to support each other by Sharing Experience - Helping each other succeed in business is what we are all about.  We even have a reward system to say thanks to people who share content that is particularly appreciated by members.
  • Mastermind Groups - Join a monthly Mastermind Group, either in-person locally, or online.  Discover the magic that happens when people share knowledge, advice and networks based on building a real relationship over time.  We support these groups in the set-up phase to get off to a flying start.
  • Accountability Partnerships -Find an Accountability Partner to help keep you true to the promises you make to yourself.  We help people connect with the right person either online or locally, and support you with guidelines and 'structure' to get the most out of the arrangement. 
  • Business to Business Barter - Exchange your services with other members using the community credits as a currency.  Build business and create referrals from within the Community.   You can create a Store for your business seperate to your personal identity and trade in both real $ and the Community Credits. 

The Entrepreneur Arena Community grows by Invitation, or Application, to ensure that members are genuinely in business, or committed to start-up.  We reward members as Affiliates when they support the Community by inviting other business owners in their personal network.

Membership is affordable, so Solo-preneurs and Start-ups can still benefit from collaboration with people at all different stages of business experience, all over the world.

People in the very early stages of their business journey are able to join 'Start-up' specific Mastermind groups, that include a Mentor as Facilitator.

We are launching soon with our Self-Paced Entrepreneur Inner Game Program packaged in with membership at a Founding Member Price of $37 per month.  

If you would like to receive an invitation to the community and the Self-Paced Program as it becomes available, click through to express your interest and receive an invitation to the community as it is launched.