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A Community of people who create change, strive to reach their full potential and want to connect and collaborate with others on the Entrepreneurial journey.

A Community of Small Business Owners

We are currently gathering interest from Small Business Owners in Australia in building a Community that is tech-enabled like a social media platform, but offers you a break from the ‘personal branding’ experience that feels like work.

We want this Community to be based on engagement between human beings who share common values like collaboration, creating new things and being our best.

We believe that small business owners are resourceful, resilient and can help each other to succeed, we are just really busy… So everything we are building is to enable collaboration to be easier… and the sharing to be authentic.

When people post on this site,  it is OK to just talk about the reality of being in business (the good, the bad and the ugly) because your username does not have to have any connection to your business.  It doesn’t have to be your actual name.

If you want to introduce others to your business you can do that through a business page, and an online shop, or events that are all about that.

Fundamentally, we want members to help each other by sharing knowledge, so we have properly structured Forums that allow quality conversations over time.  Members can also create Groups and offer Events if they wish.

When members engage, we want to say ‘thank you’ by issuing Community Credits to spend with others in their shops.  Yes, we are building in the ability to barter between members.  We think that as well as sales in real money,  through barter, we can genuinely experience the value of each other’s offerings and enable referrals.

In our Directory of member shops, you will be able to find people who sell specific products and services AND are physically local to you (just like on google maps).

If this sounds useful, or fun, come in on the ground floor and help shape this exciting new Community:   leave your details with us now and we will send you an invitation to join as the doors open.

Members will be able to invite friends from the beginning, and benefit from our affiliate scheme as it happens.

We are kick-starting with a FREE 6 month membership for everything, and we are committed to making certain things FREE FOREVER:  engaging in forum discussions, creating and joining groups and offering free events!

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